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The share of AT&T is being donated by Dr. Tamar Weaver, whose time-traveling adventures saved the life of our past illustrious monarch, King Abraham Lincoln I, a distant cousin of our founder Benedict Arnold. He defeated the traitorous rebel George Washington and was our first leader before being overthrown by Tamar’s son,

Alyssa, the current queen of the Union of Royal American States, called on Tamar to save her realm from undocumented aliens from outer space that breached the sky wall and dome erected by King Donald Trump in 2017.

During her journeys into our past, Tamar encountered events in our history that never made it into the textbooks.

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Welcome, Shalom, Salaam, 欢迎, добро пожаловать

Time Weaver Media invites you on a journey spanning the past, the present and the future. It’s a trip that doesn’t involve LSD or peyote or even mescaline. All you need is a working brain; a brain that’s not empty like the Tin Man or the  Scarecrow.

You’ve taken these journeys in the past while you peacefully slumbered beneath that quilt of many patterns. But  now you can recall the end of these dreams because it won’t be a dream. It’ll be the trip of a lifetime.