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A brilliant, comedic, time-traveling romp through the history of the Union of Royal American States, our glorious monarchy founded by Benedict Arnold.

Travel with Dr. Tamar Weaver as she attempts to save her world of 2063 from destruction by undocumented aliens. And on the way you’ll encounter King Abraham and his family, as well as the traitorous George Washington.

This tale of murder and incest is part of our history. But history is just a tenuous threat. Arnold Toynbee once said: “History is just one damned thing after another.”

We’ve been taught about Mobius’ victory over King Benedict. But who was Mobius? Was he the illegitimate son of Tad Lincoln in 1863 or of George Washington in 1776. And who was his mother?

This memoir by our nubile heroine was discovered hidden in King Donald Trump’s personal  files. And in the memoir you will also meet John Wilkes Booth, King Arthur, Sir Lance-a-lot (Arthur’s gay blade, Merlin and a roly-poly Benjamin Franklin. This ebook for Kindle, its print edition and an audio book version are all available from The ebook is also available for the Nook and Kobo e-reader devices, as well as from the iTunes Store.


To see or to order books by Don Canaan (or to learn more about him), visit his Amazon Author’s Page

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