Time Travel is Inevitable When You Mix the Natural and Magical Worlds

Time Travel is Inevitable When You Mix the Natural and Magical WorldsBy Wanda Luthman

How would you like to meet a real unicorn? Imagine riding on his back as he flies to the stars.

Well, Gloria, from “Gloria and the Unicorn” gets to do just that. However, her life doesn’t start out as happy. While giving birth, her mother died and Gloria was abruptly pulled from the womb. That’s why Gloria’s face is droopy on one side.

Unable to care for the child, her father gives Gloria to a children’s home where she overhears a conversation about herself that causes her pain to deepen. She is kept out of school to protect her from bullies, but all the young girl wants to do is learn to read.

But her life takes a turn for the better after her wish to meet a magical unicorn comes true.

Sir Louie, the kind unicorn, shows up and helps her to understand the truth and to believe in herself. He also teaches her to read in a magical way, a method that lets them travel into the stories.

So, you see, time travel is inevitable when you mix the natural world with the magical.

Sir Louie lives in Faralee—a land in which time doesn’t seem to exist. Fairies are his friends and all they do every day is laugh and play all day. But, something inside of him pulls him to Gloria.

You ask why? Well any child knows that a unicorn’s role in life is cheering up sad humans. The problem is how to travel across the time/space continuum from Faralee to Gloria.

Skipping ahead, Sir Louie finally meets Gloria and they jointly travel into the books they’re reading; trips that take them through the time/space continuum. This activity seems harmless enough but eventually they come to the attention of the Wicked Wizards of Malcadore. Their instinctive prime directive is to hate humans with magical powers.

The Wizards realize that Gloria’s powers could ruin them so they hatch a plan to capture Sir Louie and Gloria.

To find out how an unlikely duo, Gloria and Sir Louie survive the Wizards’ evil plans, I guess you’ll have to read “Gloria and the Unicorn”—a children’s book for ages 7-10.